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Living Life to the Full (LLTF) is an eight-session, 12-hour, evidence-based mental health promotion course. It is designed to help people deal with everyday life challenges by learning teaching better self-management skills using cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) concepts and techniques. In each 90- minute session participants are taught skills to maximize their ability to deal with life’s challenges and improve their well-being and mood. LLTTF is delivered by trained facilitators to small groups (10-15 participants) in community settings. The course operates as a community- based partnership between the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) and local organizations.  

The course includes activities designed to engage participants at their comfort level, and inspire them to shift how they respond to stresses in their lives. Sessions include Living Life to the Full booklets and worksheets, as well as moderated discussions in which participants may share information, ideas, and provide mutual support.

Participants are likely to get the most out of Living Life to the Full by putting the course content into practice and seeing if it is credible for them. The skills taught in the LLTTF sessions are intended to improve participants’ ability to enhance their own wellbeing and cope with life’s challenges, ; it is not a therapy group and is not a replacement for a clinical mental health assessment and treatment.

The material covered in the LLTTF courses covers a wide range of topics, such as understanding and managing negative thoughts, coping with anger and frustration, solving daunting problems, increasing self-esteem, finding motivation to change your lifestyle, and engaging in enjoyable activities. Living Life to the Full is available in four different languages, including: English, French, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

People from all walks of life can benefit from Living Life to the Full. Parents, employers, people experiencing stress and change in their lives, individuals affected by mental health problems, health service providers, older adults, caregivers, teachers, community groups, and volunteers are just some of the groups who have benefitted from Living Life to the Full. Participants will have very different reasons for taking the course. Whatever the reason, the skills covered in Living Life to the Full can provide you with useful tools to enhance how you tackle life’s challenges.

CMHA has partnered with several local organizations in offering LLTTF to a wide range of people. Across Canada, LLTTF has been provided for youths, older adults, seniors, caregivers, immigrant communities, and adults. Through evaluation partnerships with research institutes, LLTTF has been proven to significantly reduce depression and anxiety symptoms, and improve mental well-being and mood.


This is a wonderful program helping seniors deal with depression and anxiety about moving into seniors complexes.

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