FRENCH The Dollar A day foundation wants to ensure that you receive the highest quality of service from us. Listed below are the ways you may reach us directly.

Please note: We do not grant money to individuals, and we only make grants to organizations that meet the criteria specified on our website. If you are inquiring about how to become eligible for funding, please click here.


For general inquiries:
+1 (709) 753-0794 | info@adollaraday.ca


Becoming a Donor:

To learn more About our Mission or Make a Gift
+1 (709) 753-0794 | info@adollaraday.ca

Funding Application Vetting & Eligibility:

Submitting Grant Eligibility Applications or Related Enquiries 

+1 (709) 753-0794 | funding@adollaraday.ca|


Media Inquiries: 

News & press releases, newsletters, website information
+1 (709) 753-0794 |media@adollaraday.ca|



General Contact Information 


The A Dollar A Day Foundation 

P.O. BOX 23150


A1B 4J9


TELEPHONE: (709) 753-0794