Cambridge, ON

The Langs Youth Wellness Hub serves children with mild to moderate mental health challenges and provides both mental health and family supports.  Its aim is to decrease barriers to enable greater access to help, to address current gaps in mental health services, and enable youth and their families to access services most suited to meet their needs. 

At a provincial level, 77% of children that had been referred to children’s mental health services were from Cambridge, and there were 157 children on the waiting list for services with an estimated wait time of 7 months. From 2007 to 2017, there was a 66% increase in emergency department visits and a 55% increase in hospitalizations of children and youth (ages 5 to 24 years) due to mental health concerns. The prevalence of mood disorders, suicidal thoughts and planning are "significantly" higher in Waterloo region than the provincial average. Nationally, the Mental Health Commission noted that despite an estimated 1.2 million children and youth in Canada having been affected by mental illness,  less than 20 percent will receive appropriate treatment. 

The Langs Youth Wellness Hub is new a space designed at Langs by youth, and is dedicated to child and youth services. A welcoming, inclusive, child and youth friendly space, it provides a range of programs and services focusing on mental health, employment and education, including services for diverse populations and the indigenous. Serving all of Cambridge, the youth wellness hub is an integrated model of collaboration, innovation and inclusion that offers easy-to-access, “one-stop-shop” services. 

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