Windsor, NS

Based in Windsor, Nova Scotia, Landing Strong is an innovative non-profit organization dedicated to promoting resilience and assisting recovery from PTSD and Operational Stress Injuries (OSI). Landing Strong offers a 12-Week, Day Treatment Program that supports individuals who are struggling with anxiety, depression or anger as a result of exposure to trauma, and those who love and support them.  

They offer a range of supports from, initial engagement and treatment, through to aftercare and support for reengaging in the community:

Virtual Support starts with free resources available through their website and on social media, including a weekly newsletter with information, transition tips, motivation, and inspiration.  

Assessment of Injury, Resources, & Supports help individuals not yet assessed connect with a registered health professional. 

Individual Counselling Services are offered to increase comfort level in the lead up to opportunities to become involved in the more intensive group workshops.

Family & Support System Engagement recognizes that recovery does not happen in isolation, and provides comprehensive supports to family members and caregivers who may be walking with the injured person on their journey to recovery. 

Workshops, Day Programs, and Intensive Day Treatment Programs range from single day workshops, to a 3-month intensive programs. All are geared to help those who are suffering learn to regroup, reclaim, and recalibrate their lives.


After Care Programs are offered as a follow up to the intensive recovery work by providing the opportunity to stay involved with the Landing Strong community at whatever intensity an individual decides on. 

Community Engagement & Volunteerism  is supported through growing range of opportunities identified through the Landing Strong peer support network. 

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