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People and Families are Hurting Right Now
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Change is not happening fast enough. Research conducted by the World Health Organization and World Bank indicates that for every dollar invested there is a return of four dollars in better health, ability to work and overall quality of life. We believe that is an investment worth making! And we’re asking you to join us on our mission to give A Dollar A Day!


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The Mental Health Crisis

The A Dollar A Day Foundation exists to raise funds to close the gap between the availability of front line mental health and addictions programs and the growing need. While statistics do give a sense of just how great the overall need is, the principles of the A Dollar A Day Foundation are focused on the recognition that behind every mental health data point is a real suffering human being and the idea that every time there is an interaction there is a real possibility for positive change in a real person’s life.

Globally we are facing a mental health crisis and it’s no different here at home. Mental illness is the leading cause of disability in Canada and a leading cause of death among many segments of our population. And it's growing. Mental illness is also widely acknowledged as a significant contributing factor to other serious health conditions ranging from obesity to heart disease.


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The Solutions Are There

The World Health Organization and the World Bank agree that for every $1 invested in mental health programs, there is an improvement equivalent to $4 in better health. We also know that the barriers individuals face in accessing mental health programs fall into three categories: stigma, lack of system preparation and money to fund programs. The A Dollar A Day Foundation is focused on taking action today by directing more dollars to the many underfunded programs that do exist and can make a difference in more people’s lives right now! 

We keep it simple and equitable by asking everyone for A Dollar A Day and no more. Our promise to each donor is to have as much of that dollar as possible hit the front line where it is needed most. We strive to ensure that the programs we fund impact people in the regions where our donors live.